One of the big IIS secrets that we've all been keeping under wraps is the new FTP Server that will be available for Longhorn Server. The two features that most interest me are:

  1. FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) support. Finally a secure publishing solution. From what I remember, the entire session can be encrypted, or just the credentials
  2. Support for multiple FTP sites on a single IP address/port (similar to "Host" headers in the HTTP world). There is no settled specification for this functionality, but the developer in the IIS PG responsible for this functionality (not sure if he wants to be exposed) is working on getting an RFC finalised. Until then, there is a platform agnostic mechanism that may (or may not) be the final ratified standard available

There's a bunch of other nice features available as well (such as synchronising website and ftp site passwords/publishing, making it easy to setup an FTP site to allow publishing to a website). You can get an overview of the features, and download the FTP Server beta from the IIS Website

The only downside to this new FTP server is that it won't ship "in box" (it didn't make the cut off date). If you install Longhorn Server from media, you'll get the old IIS 6.0 FTP Server. You'll need to download the new FTP server as an addon from the Microsoft website. Bummer.